Tl;DR: This is my personal website to share some finding, tips, tricks and my experience using R and its ecosystem.

Longer story below…

A bit of a story about where I come from regarding R

My background is an Engineer, with a specialization in Energy & Economics.

I found about R a some years ago now when I wanted to analyze data in another environment than Excel, the only tool my company provided as the time. Since then, I fell in love with the R language, and dive into its community. It is a passion to discover new packages and understand how they work but also how they are made, to see how the R ecosystem evolves over the year, to learn about anything R related and especially to help people in the community.

Following my interest, I contributed for a few years as often as I could to open source projects on Github. I digitally but regularly interacted with the community on twitter : R community is really a part of the programming language for me.

Finding a way to be active in the community and give back is not easy. I had chosen to not focus on developing any new packages (just a few), but did a lot of PR here and there, some issue posts and answers on github or stackoverflow, and some tweets to help spread the R vibes.

This was all done as a side activity of my jobs. First as an analyst and engineer in economics and market regulation, then as a developer advocate and analytic admin in an IT department. This jobs were always indirectly related to development, analysis, code and all.

Where am I now ?

For the best, all this lead me to a great place:

I am now a Software Engineer at RStudio ! I am working on the R Markdown team with Yihui Xie.

Open Source is now my day job, and I get the change to contribute directly to the community. I working mainly on R Markdown ecosystem, maintaining packages like rmarkdown, knitr, blogdown, bookdown and others, helping the community use this great tool and work on new project to improve even more the written reproducible communication so necessary to any data analysis.

I now work from in France, remotely from home for a US company. This is definitely new to me but a great turn in a full tech job, and I am really thankful for this opportunity.

Let’s do great things!

Why this blog ?

In fact, this is Just Another Blog. A lot of people adviced me to blog, and in fact this is a blog started a while ago (2017) which did not get much love from me. But now that I work fully on Open Source, I think it is important to do more and more Public Work. This is an habit I do not have but something in my mind since this great talk by David Robinson about “The Ureasonable Effectiveness of Public Work”.

So here I am, trying to make this blog more alive than it was.

I will share here all sort of findings, thoughts, tips and tricks I found. There is so many things already on the web that it is “just another blog” but I hope it could be useful to someone. It is certainly better to keep track about what I learn and experiment here in the open rather than in another place more private.

And after all, I probably have now a lot more to share if only about R Markdown ecosystem !

About this website

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